Texas STAAR Success Solutions


Math STAAR Tutoring lessons for

3rd , 4th , 5th , 6th , 7th ,  8th Grade and EOC Algebra


Young students today are caught in the 3-dimensional crossfire of the “What’s”, “Why’s” and “How’s” of learning.  They need to grasp ahold of “What” needs to be learned AND retained.  They need to understand “Why” is this information important to them and why do they need to know it.  Finally, they need to understand “How” to use What has been learned with Why it’s essential to help achieve the goals in from of them.

STAAR Success was formed to guide the student beyond where the classroom teacher has brought them.  Teachers are laying the foundation for learning and RLS builds on that foundation and not only reinforces what the student has learned in the classroom, but also provides alternative instructional techniques to guide the student to successful application of their knowledge. 

Our course uses:

  • Complete alignment with the TEKS

  • Online access

  • Video instruction

  • Full lesson cycle

    • Music message stimuli

    • Introduction to the Problem

    • Instruction of the Problem

    • Independent Practice Problems with solution explanation


Pedagogical Theory of Action

  • Growth MindSet Attitude

  • Explicit culturally relevant instruction

  • Tightly aligned test-content

  • Mastery learning instructions

  • Team study learning