Mr. Robert Goady

Mr. Robert Goady is a professor of math at Lone Star Community College and the unanimous 2016 Adjunct Faculty Teacher Excellence Award winner for his work, which focuses on developmental math. For more than two decades, he has served as a tutor in math, physics, and chemistry.  Mr. Goady also has extensive (25+ years) as Director/VP and global executive experience in engineering, operations, and sales empowerment management at IBM, Hitachi, and Sony.  He has provided leadership across numerous platforms as a champion for key accounts (HP, IBM, Dell, Sony, Hitachi, and Compaq).  He has advanced leadership by creating digital web/mobile solutions for global account relationships at ExxonMobil, GE, TransCanada, MD Anderson Cancer Center, and Rice University. He transformed development and execution that significantly propelled growth in sales, reduced cost and quality errors, and strengthened engineering hardware integration while developing and maintaining team synergy. 


Mr. Goady has also led global client management resources in Singapore, Scotland, Japan, Australia, England, and Ireland across disciplines in order to harness the greatest return on investment and embrace customer satisfaction.  Mr. Goady has a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of California at Berkeley and attended the United States Naval Academy.

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