Conceptually, Resolute Learning System (RLS) is a system of highly efficient tutorial services created to serve the K12 public school market. It is designed to significantly increase the potential of successfully achieving a test's passing score for students who complete the prescribed tutorial programs. RLS's program of instructions is not limited to cognitive instructions, but makes active use of social, emotional, and mindset strategies as well.


It is important to note that RLS is a system of highly efficient tutorial services, as opposed to a system of teachings of academic subjects. RLS guides the student, who has already been taught the foundational skills mandated by the state, by building on that foundation in order to prepare the student to pass the test utilizing our system of in-depth blended tutorial services.


Because RLS believes academically needy students are not served well enough by isolated study methods, we prefer an instructional delivery system that is a Blended Instructions model, merged with team or cooperative learning strategies. However, this system is fully capable of being delivered through an individualized self-paced method as well.


The conceptual underpinning of the RLS instructional model is the idea that a student's academic achievement in school is influenced not only by their cognitive development, but also by their emotional, social, physical, moral, and maybe even spiritual development.


A narrow focus on mostly cognitive development, such as that provided by most school programs, ignores critical developmental needs which influence student's achievement such as their beliefs, sense of possibilities, goals, self-efficacy, and attitude regarding life and school.   RLS lessons aim to promote not only, student development in these cognitive areas, but also, in important non-cognitive areas which are so vital for school success, and more importantly success in life.


RLS intends to serve a national K12 market, but its developmental phase will be limited to the Texas Charter School Market. RLS's developmental phase is designed to last one academic year, after which, outreach into additional school systems and adjacent states will become operational.

What differentiates RLS?


 RLS is different from other math aid programs because…

  • We are Texas educators

  • We understand the TEKS and have aligned our program to each one of them to ensure success on STAAR.

  • Our team of educators has proven success in preparing students for academic improvement on the STAAR assessment.

  • We focus on helping students meet/exceed STAAR passing requirements

  • We use a blended model of instruction

  • We help students by offering a special component of instruction to support students in the problem solving process and applying their math knowledge to the specific STAAR type problems.


We believe that accomplishing improvement and successful passing the STAAR test requires at least 3 essential elements:

  • The right tools

  • Personal commitment

  • Unwavering determination and inspiration




We have created an online STAAR Math solution for three objectives:

  1. Preparation    – Getting ready for STAAR

  2. Enrichment     – Move higher performing students to Advanced levels

  3. Remediation   – Help students who didn’t pass the 1st time


Our internet-based solution can be used:

  1. In the classroom         – on projection screens

  2. At home                      – on laptops, desktops, tablets, iPads or smart phones

Effective and efficient tutorial services