The Resolute Learning Systems (RLS) is an educational support services company that specializes in educational tutoring services and school effectiveness support


RLS has created tutorial lessons developed by successful Texas teachers and arranged in a manner which affords teachers the capacity to focus on the TEKS categories which match their students’ most pressing needs. 

“We help students become better students, and schools become better schools”


RLS tutorial lessons may be used as: 

  1. Student homework

  2. Vivid additional classroom instruction

  3. Student individual or group work activity

  4. A method of increasing student time on task

  5. Remediation for students needing extra instruction

  6. Teacher preparation for class instruction

  7. Assistance for substitute teachers covering math classes

  8. Enrichment for students aiming for advance levels

Today's public school, community college and university students are faced with multiple standardize tests guarding admission to higher level educational opportunities. In order to achieve a passing score on such tests, a large percentage of these students have a glaring need for supplemental instructions beyond what is provided in their normal public school, community college, or university day.  This need has encouraged the growth of a commercial industry referred to as the Tutorial Industry.


Despite the fact that the Tutorial Industry has become a major commercial entity, the fact that test failure rate is still numerous, even for students who have experienced some tutorial service, suggest that there is room in the commercial tutorial space for tutorial programs which can offer enhanced quality tutorial services.


Each year, in practically every state in the US, public and charter school students are required to achieve a passing score on a state mandated test before being allowed to move on to the next grade. Almost every state in the US requires about 40% of students, who apply to community colleges, to achieve a passing score on a developmental test before being allowed to register in credit bearing college courses. Most all of America's premier institutions of higher learning require the SAT, ACT or some other achievement or aptitude exam as part of their admission process, and students’ scores on these exams influence certain college and career decisions. This proliferation of required tests fosters a compelling need for effective supplemental instructions beyond what is provided in their normal education programing.


RLS is design to elevate the quality of tutorial services available to public school and entering Community College students. This will be done by expanding tutorial instructions to include several research based non-cognitive elements in the instructional activities.

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