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Resolute Learning Systems (RLS) is an educational support services company that specializes in educational tutoring services and school effectiveness support.

RLS has created tutorial lessons, developed by successful Texas teachers, that are carefully designed and specifically aligned with the TEKS. Lessons are arranged in a manner which affords teachers the ability to focus on their students' most pressing needs.


RLS tutorial lessons may be used as: 
  1. PREPARATION for class instruction

  2. REMEDIATION for students who need extra instruction

  3. ENRICHMENT for students who desire advanced levels

  4. Tutorial lessons

  5. Student homework

  6. Assistance for substitute teachers

  7. Vivid additional classroom instruction

  8. Individual student or group work activity

  9. A method to increase student time on task

  10. Assignments in CANVAS

Today's public school students are faced with multiple standardized tests guarding admission to higher level educational opportunities. In order to achieve a passing and higher score on such tests, a large percentage of these students have a glaring need for supplemental instructions beyond what is provided in their normal public school day.


RLS is designed to elevate the quality of tutorial services available to public school students. 

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What We Believe

Resolute Learning System (RLS) is a system of highly efficient tutorial services created to serve the K12 public school market. Lessons are designed to significantly increase the potential of successful performance on the STAAR Test for students who complete the prescribed tutorial programs. RLS's program of instruction is not limited to cognitive instructions, but makes active use of social, emotional, and mindset strategies as well.


It is important to note that RLS is a system of highly efficient tutorial services, as opposed to a system of teachings of academic subjects. RLS guides the student, who has already been taught the foundational skills mandated by the state, by building on that foundation in order to prepare the student to augment their performance on the test utilizing our system of in-depth blended tutorial services.


Because RLS believes students are not served well enough by isolated study methods, we prefer an instructional delivery system that is a Blended Instruction model, merged with team or cooperative learning strategies. However, this system is fully capable of being delivered through an individualized self-paced method as well.


The conceptual underpinning of the RLS instructional model is the idea that a student's academic achievement in school is influenced not only by their cognitive development, but also by their emotional, social, physical, moral, and maybe even spiritual development.


A narrow focus on mostly cognitive development, such as that provided by most school programs, ignores critical developmental needs which influence student's achievement such as their beliefs, sense of possibilities, goals, self-efficacy, and attitude regarding life and school. RLS lessons aim to promote not only, student development in these cognitive areas, but also, in important non-cognitive areas which are so vital for school success, and more importantly success in life.

RLS is different from other math aid programs because…

  • We are Texas educators

  • We understand the TEKS and have aligned our program to each one of them to ensure success on STAAR.

  • Our team of educators has proven success in preparing students for academic improvement on the STAAR assessment.

  • We focus on helping students meet/exceed STAAR passing requirements

  • We use a blended model of instruction

  • We help students by offering a special component of instruction to support students in the problem solving process and applying their math knowledge to the specific STAAR type problems.

We believe that accomplishing success and improvement on the STAAR test requires at least 3 essential elements:

  1. The right tools

  2. Personal commitment

  3. Unwavering determination and inspiration

We have created an online STAAR Math solution for three objectives:

  1. Preparation

    • Getting ready for STAAR

  2. Remediation

    • Help students who did not pass

  3. Enrichment

    • Move higher performing students to Advanced levels

Our internet-based solution can be used:

  1. In the classroom

    • in groups, on computers or on projection screens

  2. At home

    • on laptops, desktops, tablets, iPads or smart phones


Texas STAAR Success Solutions


Math STAAR Tutoring lessons for
3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Grade and EOC Algebra


Students today are caught in the 3-dimensional crossfire of the “What’s”, “Why’s” and “How’s” of learning. 

They need to grasp ahold of “What” needs to be learned AND retained. They need to understand “Why” is this information important to them and why do they need to know it.

Finally, they need to understand “How” to use What has been learned with Why it’s essential to help achieve the goals in front of them.

STAAR Success was formed to guide the student beyond where the classroom teacher has brought them.  Teachers are laying the foundation for learning and RLS builds on that foundation and not only reinforces what the student has learned in the classroom, but also provides alternative instructional techniques to guide the student to successful application of their knowledge. 

Our course uses:

  • Alignment with the TEKS

  • Online access

  • Video instruction

  • Full lesson cycle

    • Music message stimuli

    • Complete Solutions

      • Introduction to the Problem

      • Instruction of the Problem

      • Independent Practice Problems


Pedagogical Theory of Action

  • Growth MindSet Attitude

  • Explicit culturally relevant instruction

  • Tightly aligned test-content

  • Mastery learning instructions

  • Team study learning


Each Lesson Contains

  1. Title Slide – identifying the Lesson & TEKS

  2. Musical Inspirational Rap

  3. Introduction to a STAAR-like problem

  4. Instruction on how to solve the above STAAR-like problem

  5. Repeat steps 3 – 4 with a second STAAR-like problem

  6. Encouragement statement 

  7. Two additional practice problems for the student to work on their own with solutions provided

3rd Grade


31 Lessons

124 Problems

7th Grade


31 Lessons

124 Problems

4th Grade


33 Lessons

132 Problems

8th Grade


25 Lessons

100 Problems

5th Grade


30 Lessons

120 Problems



40 Lessons

160 Problems

6th Grade


34 Lessons

136 Problems


3rd Grade

4th Grade

Tutoring Demos

Click on each video to observe our tutoring solutions for each grade.

5th Grade

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

EOC Algebra

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Robert Goady

Robert Goady is a professor of math at Lone Star Community College and the unanimous 2016 Adjunct Faculty Teacher Excellence Award winner for his work, which focuses on developmental math. For more than two decades, he has served as a tutor in math, physics, and chemistry.  Robert also has extensive (25+ years) as Director/VP and global executive experience in engineering, operations, and sales empowerment management at IBM, Hitachi, and Sony.  He has provided leadership across numerous platforms as a champion for key accounts (HP, IBM, Dell, Sony, Hitachi, and Compaq). 


He has advanced leadership by managing teams that created digital web/mobile solutions for global account relationships at ExxonMobil, GE, TransCanada, MD Anderson Cancer Center, and Rice University. He transformed development and execution that significantly propelled growth in sales, reduced cost and quality errors, and strengthened engineering hardware integration while developing and maintaining team synergy. 


Robert also led global client management resources in Singapore, Scotland, Japan, Australia, England, and Ireland across disciplines in order to harness the greatest return on investment and embrace customer satisfaction. He has spent time in India working with programmers, designers, and developers fostering team and professional execution strategies. Robert has a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of California at Berkeley and attended the United States Naval Academy.


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